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Safety Precautions for Electricians on Building Sites - Keeping Everyone Safe

Published on: 15:33 22nd November 2012

Every year, thousands of construction workers are hurt or even killed at the jobsite. If safety had been more of a priority on those job sites, then no one would have gotten injured or killed. However, some jobs on a building site is more dangerous than others, take for example electricians. Electricians have perhaps the most dangerous job of all because one small mistake could mean they could get a small shock that could simply burn them or a large shock that could possible kill them. Here are some ways to make it safe for an electrician to be safe while on the job at a building site.

Keep a first aid kit with you

An electrician usually carries a toolbox with him or her stocked full of tools. Among all the necessary items in the toolbox, a first aid kit should be among the tools. You never know when something may happen and you can take care of small injury or a burn right away.

Take care of your tools

You should always maintain your tools by making sure they in good condition and in good working order. Tools that are not in good shape can lead to accidents or injuries.

Report any tool issues to your supervisor

If something is wrong with one of your tools then you should take that tool and report it to your supervisor. He can make a note or a report that you had a tool issue, and then your supervisor can issue you a new tool to replace the one that is defective.

Lock up your tools

Sometimes tools can be tampered with and this can lead to a problem. The best way to keep your tools safe is to have a locked toolbox on the back of your truck or to take them home with you and lock them in the garage.

Use protective equipment

Be sure that you are wearing all necessary gear like your helmet, work gloves, and anything else that will protect you. Remember, electricity can be dangerous so it's important to make sure you are as protected as possible.

Clean up

Before you start any kind of job, be sure that the area around the building site is clear. Any kind of debris can cause a problem so just a quick walk around can make sure the area is clean. Once your job is complete, make sure everything is cleaned up. A piece of cable or wiring can be a hazard to someone else so it's important you make sure everything is swept up and thrown away.

Spare work clothes

You never know when something might happen so it’s important that you keep a spare set of work clothes in your truck.

Safety is important on a building site. For someone like an electrician that has a dangerous job, safety is especially important. Use your head, and if something does not feel right in your gut then you should listen to it. There is nothing worth risking your life over, so there is no such thing as too much safety especially where electricity is concerned.

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