When you need extra electrical sockets in Leeds

Free estimatesHave you found yourself adding more and more devices to an extension lead and wondering how dangerous it is? The answer is it's very dangerous! Never overload an extension socket.

We've all done it, because sometimes it seems that almost everything we use in our houses is electrical, and there never seems to be enough electrical sockets to allow us to plug everything in.

A first-rate service

If you find yourselves in need of extra electrical sockets, then call us. We can quickly, cleanly and inexpensively install new or additional single, double or even triple gang 3 pin sockets into your home. The job is simple to do and can relieve the pressure put upon extension leads or over crowded sockets.

We assure you of;

  • Low prices - our prices remain low whether you want one socket installing, or many more
  • Speedy service - our aim is to get to you to install your extra sockets as soon as we can
  • Clean installation - unlike many other tradesmen in the UK, we make sure we tidy up

Most houses need additional electrical sockets

Back in the 40's, 50's and 60's no one knew the demands that modern living would have on an electrical supply. With hindsight, it was a little short-sighted of house builders not not to put at least half-a-dozen sockets in every major room, and even more in areas where there is continual demand for electricity like kitchens, living rooms and home offices.

If you need more electrical sockets in Leeds, call us today on Leeds 0113 370 9096.